Bonne Aparte’s initial impact on the dutch underground scene, back in 2007, was as forceful as it was short-lived. The Frysian underdogs generated a big stir with their unique line-up (bass synth instead of a bass guitar and an additional marching band drummer flailing around on stage) combined with high-pitched vocals and a fuck you attitude, leading to a spectacular break up just as their debut album hit the shelves.

As a decade has passed, the world should be ready for a second Bonne Aparte album. Scalps is about indulging your primal instincts, about giving rein to urges better kept behind locked doors. Scalps was released on the 2nd of February 2018 on Luik Records (BE) and Antena Krzyku (PL) and Wham Wham Records (NL). The international nature of this release provides the perfect excuse for a Europe tour that will follow in spring 2018.