Canadian band Elephant Stone have released their new full length on September 16th through their own label Elephants On Parade / Believe. The physical album was released on November 25th via Burger Records.

Evolution, change, artistic growth, exploration – these words are associated with all great rock and roll bands, but they’re quickly becoming synonymous with Elephant Stone, the Montreal trio led by singer/bassist/songwriter/sitar player, Rishi Dhir. With Ship of Fools (their 4th full-length LP), Dhir and his bandmates – Miles Dupire (drummer/backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (geetar/backing vox) – have solidified Elephant Stone’s place among the greats as innovators who are unafraid of challenging themselves and their audience.

As album opener, “Manipulator,” attests, Ship of Fools presents a new Elephant Stone emphasizing catchy grooves and vocal melodies that smack of both infectious pop and dance. But Dhir’s lyrics have lost none of their sophistication: his social commentary makes “Manipulator” music for the head and heart. “I’ve had this song kicking around for a few years… My earlier demos always sounded too rock… And just when I would give up on the song, my wife would always convince me to keep working on it… The recording software I use has some drums loops… playing around with it one day, I mixed a “motown” beat with a “house” beat and then it all made sense. Lyrically, this song is directed at all those who seek to manipulate and control for their own selfish interest.” – says Dhir.

The rest of Ship of Fools follows suit. The creation of its eleven tracks, as Dhir says, allowed him to embrace his true identity as “pop songwriter” whose tunes are custom built for the dance floor. Add the talents of producer Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire/The National) to the works, and the result is an album chock full of stylistically diverse cuts that could all stand on their own as hit singles.

Dhir formed the band in 2009 and released their debut The Seven Seas that same year. The selftitled 2nd album Elephant Stone followed in 2013 and in 2014 they released The Three Poisons.

Elephant Stone will be coming to Europe for shows in Autumn.