Black Sun Empire – promotion

Black Sun Empire fulfill their promise of delivering a brand new long player album project entitled The Wrong Room that is sure to get pulses racing. The Wrong Room was released on March 31st 2017 on their own label Blackout


Martin Bakker & Bobbie Wall – promotion

Writer Martine Bakker and singer-songwriter Bobbie Wall merch powers in ‘Alleen als we samen mogen’, a book, an EP and a play.

The duo travelled to the US, rented a jeep and drove from Texas to Tennessee. Bobbie Wall was performing her music on the most authentic places while Martine Bakker was writing stories about the trip, their experiences and differences. This is all combined in ‘Alleen als we samen mogen’.


MacSwordfish – promotion

Dutch rock band inspired by Band Of Skulls and Triggerfinger. Their debut album Unconverted was released on September 8th 2017. The album was live and completely analoque recorded at Kytopia in Utrecht.


Krankland – promotion

Krankland is the new project of Thomas Werbrouck, mostly known of Little Trouble Kids. Krankland was born after a dark period of time. Werbrouck had lost his job and demons were regularly visiting him. Insomnia took over and he started playing guitar and sang. Inspired by the greats (Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Tom Waits, Neil Young) and the rebels (Dirty Three, Johnny Greenwood, Sqürl) in his vinyl collection, a new sound was born. It resulted in Wanderrooms.


Coals – promotion

Coals is young duo from Poland under the leadership of Katarzyna Kowalczyk and Łukasz Rozmysłowski. The name of the band is connected with the region they come from – Silesia which is famous for coal mines. Listen to S.I.T.C below.


Moddi – Promotion

Unsongs is a remarkable collection of songs that have, at one stage, been banned, censored or silenced. The attempts to suppress them were as mild as an airplay ban and as brutal as murder. With great sensitivity and imagination, Norwegian singer-songwriter Moddi has given them new life and created a moving and eye-opening album. Unsongs simultaneously celebrates the censored and exposes the censors.


Walrus – Promotion

Walrus is a band around Belgian singer Geert Noppe, mostly known from his other band Yevgueni. Walrus represents catchy and divers pop songs, all sang in Dutch.


Adam & the Relevants – Management

Adam & the Relevants is a band from Amsterdam who play rowdy, hook-heavy guitar pop. They are inspired by 90s bands like Weezer and Oasis, as well as contemporary bands like Wavves and FIDLAR. The songs are careless, bold, witty and about nothing grand or glamorous. Nothing new, nothing artsy, just a collection of songs you can instantly sing along to.


Me And My Drummer – Promotion

Hailing from Berlin duo Me And My Drummer released their sophomore album Love Is A Fridge. This outstanding band looks back on a colourful as well as restless story. Now, with Love Is A Fridge they achieved new heights.


Electric Love – Project Management

Electric Love is a group of hippy’s from outer space. No, actually, just some kick ass musicians, artists- and friends. Who really dig listening to old skool funk, jazz, hiphop, afro and soul on vinyl but are also kids from the 80’s, who grew up with electronics and dance. So there, a unique blend. They strive for authenticity, being in da flow, and making a hell of a party. O yeah, and world peace, ofcourse, that too.


Eerie Wanda – Promotion

Eerie Wanda is marked by Marina Tadic’s sepia-toned songs, sung in a dreamy tenor and based around timeless melodies and arrangements. The songs stick to a classic formula, evoking a warm summery nostalgia and drawing comparisons to Angel Olsen, Broadcast and the tuneful dynamics of Buddy Holly.


Nina June – Management

BON VOYAGE is a musical project of Dutch artist Nina June.