An artist, who’s all grown up. Well, at least in a musical sense, because at just 23 years of age the Upper Austrian AVEC is still a long way away from being called ‘old’. “Heaven/Hell” is the new album from an artist whose amazing rise has caused quite a stir in the last few years, and it’s an impressive confirmation of the fact that the shy musician has dared to take that vital step forward in terms of development, with her distinctive, emotive, soft yet coarse vocals.

While her roundly praised debut “What If We Never Forget” predominantly displayed a youthful sense of melancholy, her latest work shows signs of growth in a number of areas. The last few years of being in the spotlight, spending time on the road and making numerous international festival appearances have shaped AVEC, and her music has audibly grown up, too. The young Upper Austrian appeared to come from nowhere in 2015, with her first published records smashing the sound barrier in terms of number of plays on a whole host of music streaming platforms – her song “Granny” has been streamed on Spotify almost 4 million times since it launched – and AVEC has learned a lot from her experiences so far, and has, in her own words, “basically grown from everything”. “Today, I just feel more grown up, and I view things in a different light.”

Watch the new single Under Water below.