Since Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer met in Beyer’s record shop Plattentasche, in their hometown of Karlsruhe back in 2001, the music they make together as Âme has been singular expression of their shared loves. Be it Detroit techno, Chicago house, Japanese cinema or the kosmische sound of their own country, in the world of electronic dance music, Âme stand apart. Fifteen years on, there’s little that Âme hasn’t accomplished: epochal singles, iconic remixes and heart-stirring dancefloor anthems, the establishment of the Innervisions label with Dixon, their brick-and-mortar shop MTN Muting The Noise, the Temporary Secretary booking agency and their singular Lost In a Moment parties. But 2018 reveals Wiedemann and Beyer’s finest achievement yet, a full-length debut album, Dream House.

Three years in the making, Âme’s Dream House reveals their meticulous craftsmanship and unabashed love of music, the eleven tracks offering a sound that’s hypnotic and precise, immersive and inviting, expansive and catchy. It both sounds unmistakably like Âme and unlike anything you’ve ever heard from the duo, an evocative home listening journey enacted after a decade spent crafting dancefloor weapons. Dream House finds the duo working with a wide array of vocalists, from Matthew Herbert and Planningtorock to newcomer Jens Kuross.

Check out the new video for The Line ft. Matthew Herbert here: