Elmer, the alter-ego of Merel Pauw, will release her new EP ELMERS on 27 October. The EP was created with producer Steven Ivo and mixed and mastered by Darius Timmer and Tessa Rose Jackson (Someone).

Elmer combines her love for hip-hop with provocative rawness, disarming honesty and the colorful world of comic books in a shameless act that brings a long-awaited breath of fresh air to the Dutch hip-hop scene. Elmer is inspired by Peaches, Mr.Oizo and De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. On ELMERS, Elmer splits into three different Elmers. With this, the rapper wants to highlight the different, sometimes contradictory, character traits that can exist in one person. Each of the three Elmers has its own style, sound, opinion and relationship to the audience. These Elmers can therefore be heard in various capacities on ELMERS and seen in staged content on social media. During the live shows, the three Elmers will merge into one person. On the EP, Elmer makes a plea for people who consist of several people, and is therefore allowed to contradict themself, make mistakes, and cannot be framed.

ELMERS is the successor to the EP Ekster (2022) and the EP Nothing Ontploffing (2023). With this new release, the rapper wants to shape a fabricated, theatrical world, in order to give a counter sound to artists who pretend to be ‘themselves’ on stage and/or by social media. In this colorful, quirky hip-hop world, we see an artist who admits that everything around them is made up and makes a case for the complexity of humans.