YoungRubbi – Punk infused hip-hop from Rotterdam

YoungRubbi is a young hip-hop artist emerging from Rotterdam. Inspired by the early days of punk music and its raw aesthetics, he sings and raps about society and its issues. When performing, he combines this with poetry and visual art, making his live shows an experience to remember. YoungRubbi is a unique and raw force to be reckoned with.

A mosh pit at a funeral, blazing sex pistols, looking at influencers through the eyes of a predator and living with the misery of being a pyromaniac… These are but a few subjects of YoungRubbi’s world. With lyrics infused by social criticism and personal experience he tries to provoke his listeners to think.

On June 19th 2020 YoungRubbi released his Kristallen EP and the Kristallen short movie.



Last single Verdrinken In Het Zwembad, is a real punk banger.