On 28 October, puntjudith will release her new EP Lawines via PIAS. A multidisciplinary film directed by Vincent Tilanus will also be released. Puntjudith makes expressive Dutch-language electronic pop music. With heavy beats, pulsing basses and lyrics she sings about existential and personal themes. She flirts with grand, raw sounds. Because of her roots in theatre, she likes to work with other makers from the film, fashion and music industries. She draws inspiration from diverse musical influences, from James Blake to Spinvis and from Nina Simone to De Staat.

Puntjudith is the alter ego of Judith Rijsenbrij and is assisted by Adriaan Stoop (drums), Wannes Notenbaert (producer/bassist) and Antonio Glazkov (trumpet). Lawines captures the zeitgeist of puntjudith her generation. Like a time capsule, she sends it out into the world. It is an attempt to capture life in all its chaos and multiplicity.