Dutch trio Geoff Wyld released their debut EP titled Daydreamer on 11 September via M-PX, the label of Muziekgieterij in Maastricht.

Geoff Wyld songs echo the rugged nature of the Dutch south Limburg hills. With the breathtaking peacefulness of a group of blossoming cherry trees in the sun, over which dark clouds suddenly seem to appear out of nothing, with a stormy wind raging out and bending the trees. Indie psychedelia infused with catchy guitar melodies, languid pumping bass lines and heavy beats are broken up beautifully.

The title track Daydreamer is out now. “In the music video, we particularly tried to reflect our identity as Geoff Wyld. The environment where we were going to shoot the video clip was important to us. Nature had to be clear, but also the simplicity that can be heard in the single. Because all three of us come from the natural Limburg and two of us from the hilly south, we chose to film in the tri-border region, among other places”. Watch the video below.