Born in Reykjavik in 1979, Icelandic artist Helgi Jonsson started his unconventional journey in music when he picked up the trombone at the age of 7, but already then he proclaimed he wanted to be a “pop singer”.

Today not many people would call the critically acclaimed singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist a “pop singer” but it’s evident that he is an artist with a strong ear for catchy melodies and a will to embrace and touch a broad audience with the great wide landscapes of contrasts, sharp edges and big emotions in his music.

Intelligentle is the name of Helgi Jonsson’s new album which was released on March 15. It’s a wonderful play on words and a fitting title for his new work’s message: many believe that intelligence is just a matter of the mind – strict and dry. But Jonsson shows them the other side of the mind, by adding a gentle, emotional dimension to his philosophical reflections. This piece of art joins together head, belly and heart in the most natural way.


Watch Lofa Mér below: