On April 29th singer and songwriter Jono McCleery will release his new studio album titled Moonlit Parade via Ninety Days Records. The album was recorded in Master Chords Studios in London together with producer Ronan Phelan (Adele, Chilly Gonzales, Ed Sheeran) and mastering was done by Matt Colton (Arctic Monkeys, Thom Yorke, Coldplay).

Moonlit Parade is a deeply personal manifesto of raw poetry with a quiet, self-contained sound. On Moonlit Parade, the London singer and musician has deliberately chosen a no-frills approach, successfully capturing what most people probably feel has been taken away from them by the current pandemic: a sense of closeness. Allowing someone to be close to you means first and foremost that you trust them, and Jono trusts the music. He doesn’t have to ask or force anything from it. He does not have to disguise it, he does not have to distort it. The music gets under your skin.

The pure, blues-inspired sound of Jono’s voice wants to lay everything bare, and his lyrics, too, reveal their poetry with refreshing simplicity. Together with his backing band, Dan See (drums), Dan Gulino (bass) and Steve Pringle (keys), Jono achieves a clarity on Moonlit Parade that is as candid as it is self-contained. Each moment gets exactly what it needs – sometimes that’s the loneliness of the nighttime hours, the uninhibited freedom to sing only what really matters, and sometimes that’s the confident, easy flow of a groove borrowed from 1970s rhythm & soul.