Paris-based Later. will release their debut album Walking On The Line on 17 March via Cookie Records. Produced in their own studio, the album is the end result of two years of composing.

Later. is influenced by 70s rock, new wave, funk, pop and jazz. While the band’s first 2 EPs were meant to take the listener on a journey far from the daily hustle and bustle, where everything is softer and calmer, the album is a celebration of life’s instability. With this debut album, Later. aims to create a world where dream and reality merge. Walking On The Line embodies the winding path we all take as human beings: from falling from the sky with the opening track Back to Heaven, through the rollercoasters of passionate love experiences (Woman and She Is Coming), rocketing through chaos (Eye of the Storm), and undergoing loneliness (When She’s Gone), to finally finding peace while contemplating nature (Lemon Trees).

The band explains: “After releasing two EPs we knew we wanted to work on a bigger project. When we started it, it was a period of time after Covid when people were starting to go out again. So we kind of wanted to follow this idea of celebrating life and experience more upbeat music and songs you could dance to. It was also when we listened to a lot of 70s rock music and we were referring to the bands of the 70s as models not only musically but also for this carefree spirit, this idea of liberation throughout music. For example when we made the song Walking On The Line we couldn’t stop playing it until 5am and that was when we decided that our record would be called that way. It was simply the manifest that we wanted our album to be spontaneous, to talk about everyday life with its ups and downs and how handling it might feel like walking on a funambulist’s tightrope. Walking On The Line is mostly a celebration and a history of music, passion, encounters and lust for new horizons.“