The Amsterdam based singer and songwriter Morpheus will release his debut EP Morphosis on the 17th of March. All songs were recorded in one take in a living room-like setting. Morphosis is produced and mixed with Will Knox, Robin Hunt (Woodkid, Thomas Azier) and Isa Azier (Thomas Azier).

Morpheus makes cinematic pop music that lends itself to chanson, but has a contemporary writing style. Martijn Verhagen, the real name of Morpheus, is inspired by Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Joep Beving and Agnes Obel.

By creating Morphosis, Morpheus manages to transform the unexpected loss of his mother into strength, healing and wisdom. Morpheus wants to tell stories with his music in which the celebration of life is central, especially in times when things are not going so well in order to escape to another fantasie world. “This EP embodies the transformation from loss to beauty. Two years ago my mother passed away unexpectedly. My perspective on life and my personal relationships changed enormously. I suddenly saw very clearly – however cliché – how important it is to follow your heart. My mother had difficulty with that, and took all her dreams with her when she passed. I realized that it is more important to honor your dreams than to hide them. I also experienced that my mother was not suddenly actually ‘gone’. She is still in my memories every day and in my heart. I see these memories as golden trophies which I always carry with me.” – says Morpheus