The American soul band Seratones will release their sophomore album POWER on the 23rd of August via New West Records. POWER was recorded in the Battle Tapes studio in Nashville and produced with Cage The Elephant’s Bradley Shultz. The new single Gotta Get To Know Ya is out now.

Shreveport, Louisiana’s Seratones is fronted by the gospel-trained powerhouse front-woman A.J. Haynes. On POWER, Haynes showcases how vulnerability can be powerful, as her songs explore her years fighting for reproductive rights and serving as a counselor at one of Louisiana’s last remaining abortion providers, her advocacy for racial equality, her struggles to adapt and overcome, her love of poetry, and much more.

The album’s first single Gotta Get To Know Ya, highlights the masterful sonic leap on this record. A song about Haynes’ “ever-lingering anxiety about global warming” and her “electric need to dance in order to escape said existential doom.” Watch the video below.