Dutch band The Small Breed released their debut album Remember A Dream on October 1st via Spanish label Bickerton Records. The album was recorded at PAF! studios in Rotterdam with producer Marcel Fakkers. The titel track Remember A Dream is the first single and is out now.

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there,’ is a common phrase uttered among free-thinking spirits. With their psychedelic, mirage-like sound, The Small Breed take that sense of freedom to heart. Music of the past often adheres to retracing its steps in purist, traditional fashion, but this Dutch five-piece embraces the role of dissenters and mutineers with a strange mixture of curiosity and obliviousness.

The Small Breed are a band exploring all roads not taken like shipwrecked souls tasting new exotic fruits with abandon. The band’s full-length debut Remember A Dream is an ode to the rare birds of paradise that dwell in their midst, the non-conformists and eccentrics who reject reality as something rigid and absolute. The Small Breed’s hazy, phantasmagorical stratospheres bring to mind The Beatles, The Byrds, King Crimson, The Moody Blues or Syd Barrett, albeit filtered within their own, often outlandish aural parameters. The album pays a homage to night owls and other meaning-seeking cowboys of the night. The music touches on loneliness, emotions, love, self-reflection, opportunities and dreams like an omniscient narrator. The playful alternation between sunshine and carelessness on the one hand and unconventional and Freudian themes on the other. Ultimately they embody the tiny cracks within the maze of existence that make us wonder whether we’re truly happy and free, or merely lost in an illusion.

14 August – spoorpark live, Tilburg (NL)
15 August – mañana mañana, Location TBC (NL)


Watch the new single Remember A Dream here: