British post-punk band Cucamaras release their new single Porcelain. Following on from their EP Soft Soap, which included the single Winners Chapel, Cucamaras have returned with their latest single Porcelain. Leaning into as yet unchartered musical waters for the Nottingham post-punk four piece, formed of Josh Hart (guitar/vocals), Olly Bowley (guitar/vocals), Dan McGrathand (bass) and Joe Newton (drums). The band have retained the energy of their earlier EP whilst adding a variety of elements which are present in this release and others to come. With a driving synth and subtle guitar hooks, the track, initially penned by Bowley and Hart in a bedroom during the recesses of lockdown, tells the pessimistic tale of stationary success. Who is anyone else to tear up their bigger picture? A bigger picture that is as fragile as Porcelain.

“Porcelain is about two pessimistic individuals convincing themselves that their ‘meaningless’ endeavours were worthwhile for so long that now they believe it. In a few of the songs from the next body of work there’s a bit of a defeated theme, some elements from Soft Soap with some new ideas.” – Olly Bowley