YellowStraps was created by two Belgian self-taught brothers (Alban & Yvan Murenzi) drawing influences from their travels early on. Born in Rwanda, raised in Uganda, and living in the melting pot that is Brussels, ever since. 

They have always been busy conjuring up a very particular sound mixing many styles like Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop & electronic music. 

The Yellockdown Project is the direct result of this period in time we were all subjected to, from March to May/June 2020. The minute the Lockdown was officially announced, Yvan and Alban decided to set themselves the creative challenge of releasing one track per week, every week, each track featuring a different artist, and every track written in 24 hours. The result is a 13 track project, with 16 features from across the globe.

Throughout these tracks we can find collaborations with artists from their very own Belgium, but also from the UK, US, France, Iceland, Holland, and Germany. All of these tracks remain very true to the YellowStraps DNA, but add a little element of context in the production process. The Belgian brotherhood has even decided to commit to their French-speaking collaborators by singing in French for the very first time since they had featured with Belgian rapper Roméo Elvis.

The tracks are very much straightforward and bedroom type RnB. The initial thought was to release them as they came and have a much fun with artists they admire and respect. Each songwriting is fully documented as a 13-part series and available on the band’s IGTV and YouTube pages.

While the process was to intentionally step out of their production comfort zone, the result is nonetheless extremely cohesive, with colourful synths, melodies, and powerful hooks all throughout. The Yellockdown Project was released on October 2nd.