Norwegian indie folk artist Louien will release her new studio album Every Dream I Ever Had on February 16, 2024 on Jansen Records. The album was recorded together with producer Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen at Brageveien Studio in Norway and Silence Studio in Sweden.

Where earlier references were Joni Mitchell and Ane Brun, Louien has looked to Lizzy McAlpine, PhoebeBridgers and Big Thief for inspiration this time around. And with that, the tone is set for the album. Every Dream I Ever Had exhibits all the facets of Louien, from the naked and sensitive, to the noisy and glorious. It contains tender verses, big melodies, delicate guitar picking and thundering drums, all in one. Producer and guitar player Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen has been an important part of Louien’s sound from day one, but on Every Dream I Ever Had she wanted to include her band more, and in that way make this a record where everyone could contribute creatively. “I felt very driven and inspired in the making of this album, both when writing the songs and while working on them with the band. I wrote most of the songs alone, as always, but we worked very closely together as a band building and creating the soundscape. We did a lot of the recording live in the studio, which just made the process so much more fun and free. The songs have more breadth to them than before, they sound bigger and more confident. The songs are about my own life as always. I’m deep into self reflection, almost to the point of obsessive sometimes. How, why and when did I become who I am? I spend so much time entrapped in my own head it’s a huge relief to see myself from the outside and write a song about it every now and then. And as I’m ever evolving and changing it seems like there are endless themes to dive into and explore.“ – says Louien.