On May 3rd Dutch rapper, producer and songwriter Babs will release her fifth EP Half on her own label Op De Beat Records. Musically, Babs takes a new path with Half, the EP is rhythmic, energetic and narrative. While her previous EPs mainly consisted of electronic music, she has now started working with organic sounds and (acoustic) recorded instruments. On this EP Babs uses influences from the black culture for the first time. The title Half refers to the two halves of Babs’ roots, the Dutch versus the Surinamese.

Her previous songs mainly contained socially concerned lyrics around (gender) diversity, sexuality and identity, but this EP is a lot more personal. Thematically, Half is about the search for her roots and identity. Babs about Half: “I am half Dutch, half Surinamese and I have never felt the space to investigate how I relate to the Surinamese side of me, because – although I am often seen as an immigrant in the Netherlands – in the eyes of Surinamese I am white. I recently went to an exhibition with my (Surinamese) grandmother and twin brother about how black culture has influenced R&B, jazz and hip hop and that really inspired me to experiment with musical elements from the black culture. Additionally, I hope to highlight my versatility with Half and provide some female representation in a male-dominated scene, so I can be a role model for young female or non-binary producers.”

Babs is also a candidate in the Dutch TV program Wie is de Mol? 2024.


Live dates:
10 May –  Luxor Live, Arnhem
11 May –  Mezz, Breda
16 May –  Patronaat, Haarlem
17 May –  De Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen
18 May –  Rotown, Rotterdam
1 June – Metropool, Enschede