Mulay, simply put, is a Berlin-based alternative R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist, but rarely is there this much emphasis on the latter. On January 29th she’ll release her debut EP Antracyte via Grönland Records

Starting first as a student of Jazz and Pop, her experience forming her own band in the Netherlands encouraged a desire to embark on said multidisciplinary and explorative journey of self-actualisation as an artist.

In a world of instants, Mulay strives to make music that stands the test of time, sourcing inspiration from artists that walked their own paths, including such modern icons as FKA Twigs, SZA and Sevdaliza. Textured sounds, vivid imagery, intimate emotion, and irrefutably infectious grooves from across the musical spectrum salubriously collide, forging a kaleidoscopic downtempo sound that harmonises in the space between soulful R&B, Trip-Hop, emphatic Pop and Electronica.

Watch the video for Mulay’s first single Shame below.