Subterranean Street Society will release their new album BLEEP via Polymoon Music in 2024 on March 8. The album was recorded in Utrecht (NL) and was produced by the band’s bassist Ivo Johan Schot.

BLEEP was born out of a post-covid urge to perform live again. Whereas previous albums by the band were created during an extensive process, this album was written and recorded in one year. This time the songs were written with the entire band to focus on the energy of playing together. In addition, the album’s lyrics are less personal for the first time, vocalist Louis Puggaard-Müller says the following: “Although the songs touch on several themes that have occupied my mind in recent years. At the center of all the lyrics is a person who wants to be liberated. Liberated from prejudice, polarization, smartphones and maybe even society as a whole. For me, one of the overarching questions of this album is, “Who determines what the dominant narrative is in our society? Or as I say in the title track BLEEP, ‘Society is the Real Cult’.”