On November 19th the second studio album of Toverberg entitled Happy Life will be released on his own label Sounds Of Confusion. Toverberg recorded the album himself and also took care of the mix.

Lars Kroon gained fame as the bass player of Go Back To The Zoo and later as the singer of St. Tropez. In 2020 he released music as Lars and the Magic Mountain; his solo project, but with a 15-piece band with strings, horns and a gospel choir. After the umpteenth cancellation/rescheduling of shows, with the ultimate low point being the album release show in Paradiso, which was cancelled at the very last moment (just after sound check), the 35 year old musician decided that from now on, things had to be different: ‘I really wanted to make a song record this time, with the idea: The songs should also only work on a guitar. I wanted to keep everything small and intimate, unlike on the first record, and forced myself to look for some kind of core to my writing, by composing in a more traditional way’, and so Toverberg was born.

For Happy Life, Toverberg drew inspiration from intimate, DIY-like outsider artists, think Bill Callahan, early Beck, Sparklehorse, Silver Jews, but also, for example, the poetry of Richard Wright and the novels of John Fante. The result is an intimate record on which the artist doesn’t shy away from big themes. On As Far As You Will Go for example, “The songs on my previous record were very personal and direct and on this album I experimented more with characters. As Far As You Will Go I wrote from the perspective of a naive optimist with an unshakeable and romantic faith in unconditional love. It’s about the endless search for the better version of yourself.”