Toverberg releases his very first Dutch song called Wennen. For Wennen, the musician went in search of the core. He threw everything overboard: cool sounds, drones, gospel choirs, strings, horns, distortion and a foreign language to hide behind. By singing and composing in Dutch, Toverberg took off all masks for good. The result is disarming song about the banality of evil that ingeniously feels intimate and all-encompassing at the same time. “I wrote this song after seeing a poster in my street of the campaign Wennen aan de Wolf by Natuurmonumenten. I was fascinated by the absurdity: That I was warned in Amsterdam Oost about the danger of an approaching predator and also by the way in which, with that beautiful alliterative phrase. I immersed myself for a while in the debate around the arrival of the wolf in the Netherlands by visiting online platforms of supporters and opponents. I was shocked by the sometimes harsh and aggressive tone of the opponents but also found the arguments of the proponents sometimes naive or too romantic.” – Toverberg said.

Toverberg then decided to write an apolitical song using the (return) arrival of the wolf in the Netherlands as a metaphor for the fear of the unknown and evil. He grabbed some phrases from the lyrics from discussions in facebook groups and forums of supporters and opponents. “Wennen I also think is a beautiful Dutch word. It doesn’t matter how bad it is, according to Dutch you just have to be able to get used to most things.”

Toverberg is currently working on a Dutch-language album, to be released in early 2023

Lars Kroon started his musical career as a bassist with the indie rock band Go Back To The Zoo and later became singer/bassist in the punk band St.Tropez. As a solo artist, he released two English-language albums: Everything Looks Good From Here (2020) and Happy Life (2021).