Tristan is the moniker of Ghent-based ambient pop-artist, Isolde Van den Bulcke, and on the 1st June, she is set to release her new single ‘Isuk’, taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Wellif’, released 14th October via PIAS.

Considered one of Belgium’s rising female artists, ‘Isuk’ is a lush and seductive track, partly inspired by the soothing sounds of Brazilian bossa maestro, João Gilberto. In sharp contrast to the silky atmosphere of the music, stand the defiant lyrics, speaking of cross-generational, feminine pride, growth, and healing. All over the world, womanhood is still a battleground. Even in the 21st century, every mother and every daughter still faces an uphill battle for equality. ‘Isuk’ is a tribute to both the determination and so called ‘soft power’ of women.