Ron Gallo signs with American label Kill Rock Stars and releases his new single ENTITLED MAN today. The single was self-produced and mastered by Ryan Schwabe (Pussy Riot, Princess Nokia, Tierra Whack).

ENTITLED MAN was written and demoed while Ron Gallo was still living in Nashville then finally got properly recorded, mostly live, in the winter of 2021 in Philadelphia where he is back to living. Revisiting this song after a few years rekindled the inner fury that fueled a lot of his first record Heavy Meta and he realized in that fury and confrontation Gallo feels most creatively.

“I wrote it after hearing a few female friends talk about their experiences with men – just gross, creepy, infuriating shit they dealt with on a regular basis. I wanted to try and get into the psyche of why certain guys are like this. This is a male problem and men need to be the ones that address it and evolve because I feel like male entitlement is at the forefront of regression politically, socially and in humanity in general.”  – says Ron Gallo.